Jun 5, 2013

Thank You For The Radio + RMX (PART 2)

Hello People,

As we told you few days earlier, here is our new single "Thank You For The Radio" with 3 great remixes for free to download!


Little Bonus for those who want to create their own CD, the cover is available right here! Just click on the photo below!

Artwork by Valérie Hegarty, coordinated by Sophie Toporkoff

May 6, 2013

Thank You For The Radio + RMX

Olà! It's been a little while...
We've been working on the album, it's done, mixed, and will be released at some point this year.
In the meantime, we have a little treat for you all, coming very soon : we're releasing "Thank You For The Radio" as a single, with amazing people remixing the track :

- Principles Of Geometry : wonderful electronic duo from Lille, France. You probably know them from their own records on Tigersushi, or the beautiful remixes they have done (Joakim, Mr Oizo, Chateau Marmont etc...).
Here's a word of wisdom about their remix of the track : "For this remix we wanted to put Tahiti Boy's voice into an image. As if it were to take on a Hamiltonian blur, the contrast to the human body and the body of the machine and add drunk. Printing to follow a light in the fog, a reassuring presence in a crowded landscape. "

- Little Shalimar : also known as Torbitt Schwartz from Chin Chin, El-P's band or Killer Mike's latest album, Little Shalimar is also one of the best "connaisseurs" in good taste. Based in New York, he also DJ's like noone else can. It's a real honor to have Mr Shalimar work with us on this one!

- Jérôme "Tacteel" Echenoz : do we need to present Mr Tacteel? You know, ATK, TTC and now under his own name as Jérôme Echenoz. Multi talented, over gifted, mad friendly, he's been the man for a long time now. 
Mr Echenoz also gave a word of wisdom about his remix : "Hidden behind the groove of the album version, it is in this way something intense and ethereal that I wanted to highlight. And then I also wanted to see if the title could not be based on the rhythm as in the original version, but on one voice.
Is it working? You be the judge"

And here's the great artwork, coordinated by our dear Sophie Toporkoff. The picture is a piece of work by Valerie Hegarty (check the cover of our "Fireman Ep" below on the blog).

   Photo © Valerie Hegarty


Jan 14, 2013


For you people!

Great video of Fireman (reprise) directed by Julien Demond and filmed by Matthieu Seel, Nicolas Sztanke and Julien Demond!

And because we love you, here is also a remix of Fireman made by the amazing Superpoze who, by the way, will be the opening act for our show at the Nouveau Casino in Paris on the 17th of January!


Dec 1, 2012


This is it, people, it just came out this morning on Nowness.

Amazing amazing work by Arnaud Delord, Vincent Ferrané and everyone gathered by the great Wanda Prod.We had a blast shooting it too!

Tahiti Boy and the Palmtree Family: The Park on Nowness.com.

Nov 30, 2012

LIVE! January 17/2013 - Paris

Hey hey, 
good news : we're back on stage as soon as the 17th. of January 2013. Yes.
It's happening in Paris at the Nouveau Casino, brand new show etc... The whole new thing! 

We'll announce the opener soon.

Click HERE to buy your ticket. Do it quick, they're going fast!

Oh and tomorrow, our video for "The Park" is coming out, exclusively on this amazing website : http://www.nowness.com/

Nov 22, 2012


Hey hey, 
to keep you all waiting for the video, we've been spreading out remixes of The Park. You can download them for free.

The amazing Soufien3000 (yes, he produced tracks for noneless than A$AP Rocky) did this "Shaman Of The Night" version :

The wonderful Jaune! who also happens to be our drummer remixed it like only he knows how to. By the way, that's his 1st remix ever.


And he made this crazy sacred video to come with his rework :


Last but not least, a remix we did for our dear friend Mina Tindle on her track named Too Loud.

Nov 6, 2012

Ep OUT + FREE DOWNLOAD + promo summary

Well, this is it, it just came out yesterday!
Thanks everyone for the support, it's awesome.

There is a player to listen to it here ------------------------------------------------------------------------->

All you need to know about this Ep is being gathered here.

For now, 2 things to know :
- you can buy the beautiful vinyl in record stores (in France for now, sorry...) or order it (check the label contacts on the contact page)
- you can click HERE and buy it from Itune

Here's a gift for you all : a free download of the track "Fireman" from Itune. Click HERE.

Feel free to read and hear everything. There is more to come too. And for now, it's all in French...


- the family -

To access everything, click on the logos. 


Thank You For The Radio LIVE @ France Inter (November 1st) 

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DJ set @ Radio Nova





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